Date Me Dumplings!

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Delicious Date Dumplings

Oh the happiness such tiny things can bring! I have completely surrendered myself to these gooey-chewy balls of sweet deliciousness. Yum. If you like dates, and as far as i’m concerned you’d be mad not to, then you cannot fail to love these. There used to be an amazing South African Deli by the name of Ndbele, (in Edinburgh, Scotland). The first time I went there I was extremely happy to find a beautiful vegan sweet-potato cake, which tasted so good, that I phoned them a few days later and begged them for their recipe, but to no avail! They also made fantastic date balls, and so it is to them I owe  my inspiration (and happiness) for the recipe below.


20 whole Dates ( I think Sun Dates are the best- they are gungy and taste like fudgy-toffee)
Seebe Sorkh Sun Dates from Tehran
4 gluten-free plain Biscuits
vegan Margarine (if necessary)

(N.B. When I say ‘Biscuits’ I mean British biscuits, not American ones which are similar to English scones. I used some dry and crumbly gluten-free ‘Golden Crunch Biscuits’ that I bought in a moment of biscuit-needing desperation from a supermarket, and which turned out to be less than exciting on their own, but they worked perfectly for this recipe.)

How To Make

Remove the stones from the dates and chop the flesh and skins finely.

Mash lightly with a fork, until all the fruit has combined to a sort of sticky blob.

In a bowl, break up the biscuits and crumble to remove any large pieces.

Add the date mass to the crumbled biscuits and mix thoroughly.

Biscuits and Dates

At this point, depending on the type of dates you are using, the mixture may be too dry so you may want to add a small amount of melted vegan margarine to help the mixture stick together. (The final ‘dough’ should be squidgy and sticky to touch, but still firm.)

Date Ball 'Dough'

Once the ingredients are properly mixed in and there are no visible biscuity crumbs to be seen, cover a chopping board or other surface in grease proof paper. Tear off small amounts of the ‘dough’ mix and roll in your hand to form a small ball, about the size of a large marble. Place your dumpling on the chopping board or surface, and repeat until all the mixture is used up. ( I made about 16 dumplings).

Date Dumplings

Now, you can either EAT THEM ALL straight away, or if you are more restrained, wrap in grease proof paper and put in the fridge. They can last well for a few days like this, becoming firmer over time.


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