Dark Chocolate Apricot Bars

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Inspired by Carla over at The Bee’s Knees Kitchen, I have been making tonnes of delicious raw cheesecakes all week (much to the delight of my hungry household). Rawness has become a bit of an obsession with me lately, I’ve been spending sleepless nights drooling over hundreds of incredible sounding recipes. Cinnamon ice cream, spicy samosas, stuffed vine leaves and even raw bread…. And It’s all good for me too, as the recipes are mostly vegan and gluten free. Woop woop.

These yummy bars are not entirely raw because of the chocolate but I’m not going to let that worry me. This is just a basic recipe that I’ve created, but you could mix it up anyway you like by changing the fruit and nuts or adding coconut and berries. Pretty much whatever takes your fancy.  It’s amazing what you can do with a bag of old nuts and some dried fruit!


1/2 cup Dates
1/2 cup Dried Apricots
1/2 cup mixed Whole Cashews, Almonds and Brazil Nuts
1 cup Ground Cashews
1 tbs Agave Nectar
1tbs Water
pinch Salt
1 bar Dark Chocolate ( my bar was 125g)

How To Make

Blend the dates and apricots together in a food processor until they form a ball.

Remove the ‘fruit ball’ from the blender and place in a large mixing bowl along with the agave nectar, water, salt and ground cashews.

Put the mixed nuts into the food processor and blend for about a minute or less. The nuts still want to be a bit chunky to give the bars some CRUNCH.

Add these nuts to the rest of the ingredients in the bowl and mix it all together using your hands. This is a sticky job and takes a bit of time to get it all well combined.

Now spoon the mixture into a vessel of your choice, (I used a tupperware tub but you could use a baking tray or ceramic dish or anything) the larger the surface area, the thinner your bars will be so don’t go too big.

Stick in the fridge.

Melt the dark chocolate in a bain marie. Whip the fruity/nutty gunge out of the fridge and cover with the melted chocolate.  Try to spread it evenly.

Stick the whole thing back in the fridge and wait for the chocolate layer to solidify.

Now you can slice it into bars and begin the feast.

(To make a bain marie, fill a saucepan half way with water and place a bowl inside so that it doesn’t touch the bottom of the pan but is resting in the water. Stick on the stove and turn on the heat. Put the broken up chocolate into the bowl and stir with a wooden spoon till all is melted. If you just melted the chocolate directly in the pan it would burn.)


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